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Food Delivery

Dial 4 A Meal

Similar meal delivery services overseas have been going for at least fifteen, maybe twenty years.   Dial 4 A Meal?  We've just had our first birthday, we're still growing and have a long, long way to go! 

How did we come about? this a familiar story to you?  It was a warm sunny Friday evening, a few of us had got together, and before you know it we maybe had a bit too much to drink.   Whatever we were hungry for food, didn't want to cook; and we definitely didn't want to risk having to blow into one of those breathalyzers either.  The rest is history and here we are!

The purpose of Dial 4 A Meal is to deliver to you, the diner, a meal that has been freshly prepared by one of Tauranga region's excellent restaurants and cafes that are working with us.  We want you to see Dial 4 A Meal as your first port of call for a meal to be delivered.

Currently there are four friendly call centre operators who are ready to take your call for food delivery.   We also have four drivers waiting to pick up your food order and ensure it arrives steaming hot at your doorstep!