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Delivery Charges

For delivery purposes the Tauranga region is split up into three areas - Tauranga City, Mount Mauanganui and Papamoa/Papamoa Beach.

Standard Delivery Charge

  • Orders purchased from a Tauranga City restaurant/cafe and delivered to an address in Tauranga City - $7.50
  • Orders purchased from a Mount Maunganui restaurant/cafe and delivered to a Mount Maunganui address - $7.50
  • Orders purchased from a Papamoa/Papamoa Beach restaurant/cafe and delivered to an address in the Papamoa/Papamoa Beach area - $7.50

Meal Orders collected from up to three different Restaurants/Cafes for delivery to one recipient address 
  • Orders can be placed with up to a maximum of three restaurants/cafes within the same meal order pickup/delivery area e.g. meal orders that are prepared by up to three different restaurants/cafes within Tauranga City all delivered to one recipient address in Tauranga City.  
  • For pickups from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd restaurants/cafes within the same area and delivered to one recipient address in the same area the charges are:
    • $7.50 for the 1st restaurant/cafe pickup and
    • $4.00 each per 2nd and 3rd restaurant/cafe pickup
Out of Area Delivery Charges
  • Out of area deliveries e.g. a meal order that is prepared by a Mount Maunganui restaurant/cafe and delivered to a recipient address in either Tauranga City or Papamoa - the charge is $13.50 minimum (up to a maximum distance of 15km). 
  • For distances in excess of 15km the total charges are calculated as follows:
    • $13.50 - out of area delivery up to 15km
    • $0.70 per km for 15.1km and over 
    • All deliveries are to one recipient address