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How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
When you place an order we will advise you of the approximate delivery time and both our meal suppliers and drivers then do everything possible to get your meal to you ASAP.  Speedy, on-time delivery is our norm, though factors such as weather, traffic conditions, and high demand during peak times, can mean the meal delivery will sometimes take longer than anticipated.  PLEASE NOTE:  We do not guarantee delivery times, but your meal will get to you hot, fresh and ready to eat!

Is there a minimum amount that I have to order?
A minimum meal order purchase amount applies and is shown on the individual restaurant/cafe's page.  (Please note this does not include the delivery charges, which are separate).

What is the delivery charge?

Standard delivery charge

The standard delivery charge of $7.50 is applied to orders picked up and delivered to addresses within the same location. As an example, meals purchased from a cafe or restaurant at the Mount and delivered to an address in the Mount area. Likewise, meals picked up and delivered within the Tauranga City and Papamoa areas.    

Out of area delivery charge
All out of area deliveries will incur a minimum delivery charge of $13.50. For example, a pick-up of an order from a Tauranga City restaurant or cafe that is delivered to an address within either the Papamoa or Mount areas will incur this minimum $13.50 charge.

Can I order from more than one restaurant or cafe?
  • Yes, you can order meals from up to a maximum of three restaurants or cafes within the same area for delivery to one recipient address, also in the same area (neighbourhood).
  • $7.50 delivery charge applies to orders placed with the first restaurant or cafe.
  • $4.00 each delivery charge applies to orders placed with the second and third restaurant or cafe.
  • As an example if you are staying in Mount Maunganui, visiting friends or work in Mount Maunganui, and place meal orders with three different Mount Maunganui restaurants or cafes, all for delivery to one Mount Maunganui address the total delivery charge will be $15.50.
  • Remember, a minimum meal order value applies to each restaurant or cafe you order from.

I have special dietary needs.  Can you customise my food order?
Many of the restaurants/cafes we deliver for have a range of items which allow for special dietary needs, so please take a look at our Special Diet Menus category to view these options and how they might fit your requirements.  You are also welcome to contact us, and we will do our best to help, and offer a suitable solution to your request.

Information given by restaurants and cafes regarding dairy and gluten free to the best of our knowledge are reliable and accurate. However we are not responsible for checking them and therefore this cannot be guaranteed.

The meal I want is under the minimum order level but I am willing to pay that amount once the driver arrives.  Is this OK?
Our computer system will not allow us to process orders that are under a restaurant/cafe's minimum order level.  Unfortunately there are no exceptions therefore you must make the minimum amount if you want a meal delivery from us.

Can your driver pick up cigarettes, alcohol or basic groceries for me?
We do not hold a liquor licence to deliver alcohol.   Nor do we cater for cigarette or groceries deliveries.  We are a meal-only delivery service delivering quality meals from the suppliers listed on our website and in our booklet.

Do you accept all major credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Account2Account payments. Orders placed online will be completed when payment is processed through these online systems.

Why do I have to give my credit card details over the phone?
Due to increasing credit card fraud and theft, it is standard practise for us to gather your credit card details at the time of placing your order so we can authorise your card for billing.  The credit card details requested includes the three or four digit security number shown on the reverse side of the card. We would appreciate it if you could have your card with you when placing your order with us.

Can I pay by Cash, Eftpos or Cheque?
Sorry, we do not accept cash or cheque payments. However, we have mobile eftpos machines so we can process your ATM or debit card payments at your door. Please remember, once your order has been confirmed it cannot be changed or cancelled.

Can I pay in US dollars or other currencies?
All prices on the website are quoted GST-inclusive and are in New Zealand dollars only.

I ordered food and I did not like it.  Plus the serving size was too small.  Can I get a refund?
People’s tastes in food can differ, as can cooking styles.  Such differences in preferences are outside of our control so we do not give refunds on food because you did not like the taste, or the size is not what you thought it would be.   This is why we ask that you do choose carefully from our menus, and if you are unsure of something, please do not hesitate to ask our operator.   We can always advise you of portion sizes, if you ask us beforehand.

How does the system work?
You can either phone in your order to us, using our 0800 426325 number, or place it online. There is no requirement to register at any time while you are placing your online order, on the other hand you may want to set up an account.  Here, all you have to do is click the ‘Join Us’ box showing at the top of the screen and follow the link to register with us….and, that’s it!

When you have placed your order online it will automatically get transmitted to our system. Once received the order will then be forwarded by us to the relevant restaurant/cafe which in turn will prepare it. One of our drivers is then directed to the restaurant/cafe to pick up the prepared meal.  The meal is finally delivered to your door, hot and ready to eat. 

How do I know my order has gone through?
When you have completed the checkout process our computer will tell you that your order has been sent to us. The computer should also alert us at the same time.    You will shortly after receive confirmation from us that your order has been passed onto the restaurant/cafe which in turn confirms your order can be processed.  You will also be informed the approximate time when you can expect to receive the meal order.   If there is any problem with processing your order, we will attempt to contact you by telephone and/or email.  Please make sure you always include your current (unblocked!!) mobile phone number where you can be reached in case we need to contact you and that you also carry the mobile phone with you. Thanks.